Presentation upload instructions

Thank you for being a part of the FNM 2020 Conference. As an invited speaker, we kindly ask you to record and submit your presentation for use on the FNM 2020 Virtual Conference Portal.

All presentation recordings are due 15th January 2021

All posters are due 1st February 2021

Postgraduate Course speaker presentations are due 1st February 2021

Here are instructions for recording, editing and submitting your presentations: 

Step 1. Record your video


  • Record your presentation on your computer using video recording software. We recommend using Camtasia (paid software) or Zoom (free software), although there are many other software choices available today.

  • Invited speaker presentations have an allocated time limit. Refer to the instructional email we sent for your presentation time limit.

  • If you are a poster presenter, you may wish to submit a presentation video to accompany your poster. This video is optional. Poster presentation videos may be up to 4 minutes in length.

  • Please include a slide at the start of your presentation with the talk title and your name.

  • Make sure your computer setup includes a microphone and webcam.

  • Please make sure your powerpoint slides are the main feature of the presentation. Throughout the presentation, it is preferable if a thumbnail image of your face is visible in the corner of the slide.

How to record a presentation using Zoom

(Free software)

How to record a presentation using Camtasia

(Paid software)

Step 2. Edit your video


  • When reviewing your recording, ensure your video and audio quality is legible.

  • If possible, try to ensure your video commences and ends promptly. You can remove any unnecessary footage using video editing software such as iMovie (Apple) or Windows Movie Maker. 

  • Save your video as an .mp4 or .mov file.

  • Optional: you may wish to compress your video file. However, it is not mandatory.

Step 3. Send us your presentation files


  • Email your video presentation and/or poster pdf file to via WeTransfer. We recommend using WeTransfer because it allows you to send files up to 2GB in size at no cost.

  • When sending us your video file, please include your name and the title of your talk in the main body of the message.

  • Oral presentations are due on 15th January 2021.

  • Posters are due on 1st February 2021.
    (As there are over 400 presentations, this deadline allows our team time to review all submissions and upload them to the new website. The FNM conference portal will officially launch in April 2021).

Need assistance?


If you need help recording your video, please email Danny at

Danny can help you record your presentation via a face-to-face Zoom meeting.

Download the instructions as a pdf file

Download a step-by-step guide to using Zoom to record your presentation

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